Removing Ice Dams in Parsippany

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Softwash Ranger is a family owned and operated exterior cleaning service. We have served New Jersey communities for over twenty years and have developed a a solid reputation as a company who cares about our customers and the quality of workmanship we provide.

We use methods and materials that are specific to the surface material we are working with, taking care of delicate areas where needed. Older stone, handcarved wood, limestone, concrete, and more can become vulnerable as it ages. Historical structures need special treatment and handling as well.

Ice Dam removal is one of our specialties here at Softwash Ranger. Ice dams can form on any roof where there are a combination of moisture, air flow that shouldn’t exist, and freezing temperatures. They general form when it snows or sleets.

Ice dams can be effectively removed, however if the underlying cause is not taken care of, the dam will form once again.

Roofs that have small cracks, crevices, holes, or leaks will allow air to freely flow. This air flow will create an ice dam on the edge of the roof as the snowfall tries to travel down the roof normally. Instead of falling onto the ground, the underneath of the snow is affected by moisture and the air travel, freezing into ice and building up.

Ice dams are dangerous when they build up excessively. Even small ice dams can break off in chunks and cause damage to whomever or whatever is underneath them.

Many homeowners try to apply chemicals to the ice dam. These chemicals are purported to create a canal in the ice dam by melting. Unfortunately, the chemicals (such as calcium or sodium chloride) are not good for the roofing materials. The roof is already vulnerable to the build up of ice and the heavy weight.

If melted off with this method, the water flow is not controllable. It can easily run off to other areas causing slippery surfaces that become dangerous to walk on. You don’t want to just transfer your ice problem from your roof to your driveway or patio.

At Softwash Ranger, we can remove your ice dam for you. If you have a home in Parsippany, you are one of the many in our community that can suffer with ice dams. In our area of the country, we experience plenty of snowfall and cold weather during wintertime.

If you’ve noticed ice forming along the edges of your roof, don’t let it build up. Call our professional services and get it removed before it has a chance to weigh down and destroy your roof.

We provide a number of services in Parsippany including fence cleaning, snow removal, rust removal, patio and deck cleaning, specialty surface cleaning, power washing, window washing, gutter cleaning, roof stain cleaning, and more.

If you are interested in Ice Dam Removal in Parsippany, call Softwash Ranger at 844-438-7638 or complete our online request form.

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