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Don’t wind up hanging off the edge of the roof by your belly, with feet swinging around trying to find the ladder! Let our professionals come and clear off your ice dam for you.

Simply melting away the water of your ice dam isn’t really as simple as it seems. Water can flow off and onto other areas like the driveway, porch, or sidewalks where it will create a more dangerous, slippery mess.

It can also break off in chunks and seriously hurt anyone or anything below. If chemicals like calcium chloride or sodium chloride are used, they can do much harm to your roofing materials, gutters, or the siding of your home.

Many sources will tell you that using these chemicals is a great way to get rid of your ice dam, but this advice is very poor. Ice dams are dangerous in and of themselves, and can completely destroy a roof and cause harm to inhabitants of the home. Don’t complicate the issue by trying to use dangerous chemicals.

Softwash Ranger is a professional ice dam removal expert in Mendham, We are a family owned company in New Jersey that has been proudly serving our community for over twenty years.

Our experience includes a deep understanding of the materials and techniques needed for specific surfaces. We apply safe and effective cleaning methods that will remove the unwanted stains, debris, ice, and more from the exterior surfaces of your home.

Ice dams form when the moist wet air creates ice out of the fallen snow or sleet, however the underlying cause of ice dam buildup is due to leaks, cracks, crevices, or holes that should not be present in your roofing structure.

In fact, you can effectively rid the roof of an ice dam only to find it forming once more. Until the underlying causes are fixed, you will have the same problem.

Once the ice starts to form on the ridge of the roof, it effectively stops the fall off of snow as is normal. If the roof is properly sealed, the pitch of the roof (if properly pitched for snow environments) will be steep enough to cause the snow to continue traveling down the roof as it builds. But if the moist air is present from the damaged roof, it will form ice instead.

Before your roof can be examined for the presence of holes or cracks and be repaired, the ice dam must be removed.

Better than trying to climb up on your roof top with a ladder and hose (very ineffective), call our professional ice dam removal service. We have successfully removed numerous ice dams for your friends and neighbors in Mendham and all of New Jersey including East Hanover.

We specialize in a number of power washing services and are always happy to advise you on what method is best for your cleaning needs. We use methods that are eco-friendly to eliminate dirt, mold, fungus, pollen, stains, ice dams, grime, grit, sand, salt, scale, rust, and more.

If you are interested in Ice Dam Removal in Mendham, call Softwash Ranger at 844-438-7638 or complete our online request form.

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