Mendham NJ Roof Cleaning Tips

roof-cleaning-mendham-njWhen you think of the roof of your home, you basically think of it as one structure. However, the roof is normally made up of several layers with the outermost layer consisting of some type of shingle or outer surface that protects everything underneath. Gutters are part of your roofing system.

Over time, gutters can build up debris and hold water in it. Mold and mildew or algae can also grow where the water and grime has been leaking out of the gutter system. Keeping the gutters clean will eliminate these problems.

Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of work to clear out a really dirty gutter. But if kept up, cleaning the gutters isn’t as hard as it could be if they are left in bad condition over time.

There are some tips we’d like to share about cleaning Mendham gutters, though we like to advise our customers to always take safety into consideration during this or any other do it yourself home project. You are at your greatest risk for falling when you climb a ladder to reach your gutters or roof top.

Of course your first priority is to stay safe when you do a home project. It’s always a good idea to get someone to serve as a helper. Your helper can help you hold the ladder and hand you tools when you need them, and also will provide you with support if someone gets injured and a call for emergency services needs to be made.

You want to be sure you’re not trying to complete the project on a bad weather day. You’ll need to be able to see clearly and have little to no wind blowing. Wind gusts can easily knock you off balance when you are concentrating on doing something.

Next, when cleaning out the gutter you should be wearing heavy gloves. These will protect you from insect stings as well as cuts or scrape or worse from the debris or any broken gutter materials. If there is rust or sharp edges, it could be dangerous for you.

When cleaning the gutter, begin at the furthest point away from the drainage down spout. Take your time as you work your way around the house, scooping out anything you find in them. If necessary, you may have to use a tool to scoop with instead of your hands.

If there is dirt build up, one of the easiest ways to rid the gutters of it is with water. You will need to carefully bring a garden hose up the ladder with you and spray out the gutter.

You may need a high water pressure system so you can get rid of caked and dried debris. If you do, be extremely careful as the water pressure can throw you off balance. Continue cleaning the gutter system until you reach the downspout and ensure that it is free from debris as well.

At Softwash Ranger, we would rather you call upon our professional pressure washing service than risk your health while trying to clean out gutters that are difficult.

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