Chester New Jersey Roof Cleaning Tips

roof-cleaning-chester-njYour roofing structure may also contain a system of gutters that route rainwater away from the structure so that it does not settle in one area and cause problems. The gutter system on your Chester, New Jersey home or building is an important part of the roof structure in that it protects the surface from damage caused by standing water.

Unfortunately, rooftops and gutters can collect a lot of debris that will inhibit the proper flow of rainwater from your roof. When this happens, the debris stops up the gutter and the rainwater flows wherever it can find an outlet. The debris and dirt also ends up where it shouldn’t be going, usually down the siding of the building.

The number one consideration when working on your Chester, NJ roof and gutter system is safety. Some ways to maximize your safety are:

  • Work only on a clear weather day with little to no wind factor.
  • Make sure your ladder is sturdy, don’t trust one that wobbles or is not manufactured to support your weight.
  • Place the ladder on level ground and make sure it doesn’t sink into the surface it sits on.
  • Ensure that the roof is sturdy enough to hold you if you need to use the roof to reach an area of gutter.
  • Use only heavy work gloves.
  • Use a trashcan for debris that you move around the edges of the building with you as you go.
  • Be extremely careful when carrying tools or hoses up and down the ladder.
  • Enlist a helper to hold the ladder or hand you tools.

Before you start to clean your roof and gutters, you want to make sure you have someone nearby who knows where you are and what you are doing. Unknown to most people are the calls made to 911 many hours after someone fell from a ladder.

Your safety must be considered and planned for. You will want to be sure you have placed the ladder in a stable area and test it by stepping on it for a few rungs. If the legs sink in or the ladder is wobbly, you will want to figure out a better system or placement for the ladder.

Be sure that your roof will hold your weight when you go onto the roof to clean it or the gutter. Carrying tools, hoses, or other equipment up and down the ladder or over the roof is extremely dangerous.

You will want to make sure you are protecting your hands from any possible cuts or insect stings. A surprise cut or insect sting could actually cause you to fall. Also, you don’t want to risk a serious cut by any broken or rotted materials.

Use a water hose to help remove any built up dirt or debris in the gutter system. Some gutters have been neglected for so long that small plants will actually grow in the dirt. If gutters are compacted with this, it is very difficult to get them cleaned out and you may need to call in a professional power washer.

At Softwash Ranger, we always recommend that you contact us if your roof or gutters need cleaning. We realize that some customers will have the experience to do a good job, but we never like to see anyone risking their health just to save a few dollars. If you need your roof top or gutters cleaned or any other power washing service, please give us a call.

If you are looking for a North New Jersey Power washing company then please call 844-438-7638 or complete our online request form.

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