Gum Removal in Newark, NJ

If you have a Newark, NJ business, it’s important to pay special attention to the outside of your building. Customers see the outside first and it forms a lasting impression of what they will find when they come inside and want service.

If your sidewalks are dirty, stained, or have been accumulating old chewing gum over the years, it’s important to get it cleaned up so you can provide a good first impression for your customers.

Chewing gum is a major frustration for business owners. People come in and out of the building all day long, almost every day of the year, and some will cast their used chewing gum onto the ground or stick it on your building’s exterior surfaces.

Over time, the gum will get stepped on by countless shoes, vehicles, or other heavy objects and will smash into the concrete or asphalt, or onto the stucco or bricks on your building. This makes it very difficult to clean as it must not only be scraped away but the gooey mess underneath the hard crust top still needs to be addressed.

You can literally go to the grocery store right now and count out thousands of such gum piles in the parking lot. Hopefully, the sidewalks at your local grocer have been cleared of this stuck on mess.

After the wind and rain and all the people have smashed the chewing gum into the surface, it dries into a hard little lump. There’s nothing more disgusting than seeing a business sidewalk with numerous lumps of dirty chewing gum laying about. Unfortunately, it’s a bad impression for the business.

It’s equally frustrating for homeowners. Maybe a child or a neighbor’s child doesn’t know to throw the gum away, but whomever it is has hopefully moved on to better things and is no longer throwing gum on your sidewalk or driveway.

People have tried all sorts of methods to remove gum from objects, including smearing it with peanut butter or olive oil, ice cubes, and more. When it comes to hard surfaces like a sidewalk, it isn’t as complicated to remove as it would be from hair or a cotton ball, but it can be equally frustrating.

Scraping just gets off the crusted tops while the softer material underneath still sticks and gets shoved around. Peeling sometimes works if it hasn’t been on there too long, but once it gets smashed down and ground into the surface, it becomes near impossible.

So what is the best way to remove chewing gum from a hard surface such as a sidewalk or the side of your building?…Pressure washing of course!

Pressure washing can remove a multitude of stuck on matter including chewing gum, half-chewed candy, food, eggs, or anything else you can think of.

People tend to throw trash where it shouldn’t belong. They take little consideration of property that belongs to someone else, and sometimes even of their own. If you have a business, you understand what we mean. All kinds of organic wastes are often discarded without a second thought as to who has to clean it up.

As Newark, NJ business owners, we are left with cleaning the mess up ourselves. And for some reason, gum is a favorite for people to leave around instead of throwing it away in the trash. It’s a curiosity of sorts. Why would someone want to stick their chewing gum underneath something or worse throw it on the ground and not worry that someone else will step on it or get it on their clothing or even in their hair?

There may be no answer as to why people do this sort of thing, but whether we understand this motive or not, it’s a fact that it happens and eventually someone will have to remove the gum.

Pressure washing is one sure answer to getting your gooey gum mess cleaned up. Whether you need to remove gum from your home or business, our services can help you. Just give our professionals a call at Softwash Ranger and we’ll be there in a flash to clean up your chewing gum mess and other surface stains!

When you need Chewing Gum Removal or other Pressure Wash Services in Newark, NJ, call 844-438-7638 or complete our online request form.

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