Roof Washing is an Essential Part of Cleaning a Home

The northern areas of New Jersey are among the most beautiful in the state. Naturally, many people who live in these communities strive to keep their exterior properties as clean as possible so that they contribute to the area’s looks instead of detracting from them.

You may share the same goal. If so, it’s worth remembering that part of keeping your home looking its best involves scheduling regular roof washing service. Along with adding to your home’s natural curb appeal, a clean roof can help you keep the inside of your home clean as well. Our experts at Softwash Ranger, offering roof washing service to homeowners throughout northern New Jersey, explain how below.

Why Scheduling Regular Roof Washing Service is Important

Your roof plays a prominent role in your home’s appearance. Although we may not consciously realize it, a home’s roofing is often among the first qualities we notice when we spot a home from the street. Scheduling regular roof washing service will therefore have a very significant impact on the impression both you and others get when seeing your house.

However, it’s perhaps even more important to understand that scheduling roof washing service will guard against the accumulation of roof algae. Roof algae, technically referred to as gloeocapsa magma, is an organism that causes roofs to develop telltale black streaks.

These streaks are not merely unattractive. They indicate you need to schedule roof washing service as soon as possible to ensure your roof remains in good condition. If roof algae is not cleaned away, it can begin to eat at your shingles.

This will majorly reduce the lifespan of your roof. While a roof that’s breaking down certainly isn’t pretty to look at, it also leaves the interior sections of your home far more exposed to the elements than they would otherwise be. Until you replace your broken shingles it will be much easier for rain and debris to get into your home.

A range of problems may develop if this were to occur. If rain gets into your home it’s possible that the moist environment will allow mold to thrive. At the very least, you will have to contend with water damage, which can be costly to repair. There’s also the possibility that debris and even small animals may get inside your home and make it dirty in key sections.

That doesn’t need to happen. You can guard against such problems by scheduling roof washing service on a consistent basis.

It’s important to trust professionals with the task of cleaning your roof. You can’t merely spray your roofing with a garden hose to thoroughly clean it. On the other hand, if you were to power wash it, your shingles would be damaged.

At Softwash Ranger, as you may have guessed, we offer soft wash roof washing service to our customers throughout northern New Jersey. This method allows us to fully clean your roof without the risk of unexpected damage. To learn more about scheduling service, give us a call at 844-438-7638.

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