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All it takes is to drive through a large neighborhood to find at least one house that has roof stains or debris accumulating on the roof. When all the homes in the neighborhood are well kept, including the roof stained ones, this tells us that roof tops aren’t always thought of as an item that needs regular attention.

Some will invariably have problems that go left unnoticed. It is so easy in our busy lives to forget to pay attention to our roofs. But it is important to clean off the roof when debris or bad weather comes along and causes build up.

Not only is roof debris unsightly for your home, it’s also a major cause of roof problems. There’s not much that will rot out your roof faster than when dirt, debris, moisture, leaves, tree branches, or other messes are left to accumulate on your roof top.

These materials are biological by nature and with a little help from the elements will start to rot and deteriorate. Unfortunately, whatever these materials are sitting on will also degrade.

Asphalt shingles are no exception. Accumulated debris on the roof will cause your asphalt shingles to crack and become dry in some areas and stay wet from the debris in others. When the weather adds to the scene, it only makes matters worse.

The materials under your Newark, NJ roof top shingles will eventually become affected because of the debri. Leaks will start and wood trim, roof decking, or other vulnerable areas will start to rot.

The best way to avoid having damage to your roof is to ensure that your roof stays free from debris. Some homeowners choose to get up on the roof themselves and sweep away the mess. If the roof is stained, it’s impossible to get clean with sweeping, but at least the large debris and any buildup can be removed so worse problems don’t set in.

However, most people aren’t comfortable with climbing on their rooftop or getting up on ladders. With as little progress as you would make in really getting the roof clean and in good shape, it doesn’t make sense to try to climb onto the roof in order to sweep it off. It’s just too dangerous and the outcome too minimal to warrant this.

Stains are also a problem for a lot of roof tops. When asphalt shingles degrade over time, the lining will also go through the same issues. It’s quite common for a rooftop to show signs of age with stains caused by lining that starts to deteriorate.

Roofs that have what looks like black water stains running down the roof have suffered this issue. The stains can be removed with a proper power washing technique.

Pressure washing is one sure answer to getting your roof tops cleaned up. Whether you need to just remove some surface dirt or you have some set-in stains that need attention, our services can help you.

Call our professionals at Softwash Ranger and we’ll be there in a flash to clean up your roof stains, accumulated debris, and other surface stains!

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