Roof Cleaning – Great Curb Appeal Starts At The Top

Your roof is a key part of your property. As one of the largest surfaces of your home, your roof can set the tone for its overall appearance. When your roof is clean, it lifts your curb appeal to new heights, however, the opposite is true as well. One of the most beneficial times to have your roof cleaned is just prior to spring and summer. Why? As the warmer, moist air sets in here in Northern New Jersey, it creates an environment where Gloeocapsa Magma, a type of bacteria, can thrive. Unfortunately, these bacteria love to set up shop on the shingles of your roof. As it multiplies, you start to see long black streaks on your roof. The black streaks make your roof look dirty and bring down the curb appeal of your entire property. However, this bacteria does more than just make your roof look dirty, it’s actually eating away at your shingles. When you see these black streaks appear it’s time to call Softwash Ranger with delay. Our soft wash roof cleaning service is exactly what you need to remove these unwanted guests.

If Your Roof Is Protected, So Is Your Wallet

These bacteria are silent and spread fast. It is entirely possible to have a clean roof in autumn, only to be faced with long back streaks the following spring. So what is the big deal about these streaks? As these bacteria continue to grow and spread out on your roof, it steadily eats the limestone composite that makes up your shingles. If left unchecked for long enough, you’ll notice in an increase in your monthly energy bill since now your roof is absorbing heat (thanks to the black coloration of the bacteria). You’ll also notice the physical deterioration of your shingles as they begin to dry out and crumble due to the loss of the limestone. All of this will eventually lead to the need to replace your entire roof! For a fraction of the cost of roof repair, our soft wash roof cleaning team can remove all traces of these bacteria before it begins to do damage to your roof!

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Is Our Specialty

At Softwash Ranger, we have built our reputation on knowing how important your home is to you, which is why we clean your roof using a process called soft washing. Using about the same water pressure that comes out of your garden hose, we put the cleaning power of our specialized cleaning solutions to work on your home, removing 100% of these bacteria along with any algae, moss, or lichens that may be present as well. We then rinse off the roof using the same low pressure. The result is a roof that is rejuvenated and looks great! Worried about your landscaping? Don’t be! Our specially formulated cleansers are environmentally friendly and will never harm your surrounding foliage.

Don’t Forget Your Home’s Exterior

Making your roof look great is just part of the process of enhancing your curb appeal. For many, the term house washing conjures up an image of someone with a pressure washing wand blasting away at the side of their home using water at high pressures. While this approach may remove some dirt, the problem is that it will do much more damage than harm. No matter what your home’s exterior surface is made out of – vinyl siding, brick, stucco – it was never designed to withstand the intense pressure of traditional power washing. Using high pressure will lead to surface scoring, siding damage, and even water penetrating your walls! As pioneers in the field of soft washing here in Northern New Jersey, our soft wash house washing service is the only truly safe way to wash the siding of your home. We start by applying our special cleansers to your home, which then go to work loosening dirt and debris while simultaneously killing mold, mildew, and algae. Then using our state of the art equipment, our expert house washing technicians meticulously rinse away the years of loosened contaminants using water that is roughly at the same pressure as your garden hose, just like we do for your roof! The result is a brilliantly clean surface and no damage…EVER!

The Leader in Exterior Cleaning

Many homeowners don’t realize just how dirty their roof or homes had become during the winter months until after they see the results of our roof cleaning and house washing services. Our team of highly trained professionals are focused on the quality and the long-term success of your property. We only bring the best technology and the most powerful cleaning products to your property – and the results show. With our years of experience and specialized soft washing techniques, your roof and your home will be primed to look great now and into the future!

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