How To Remove Black Streaks From Your Roof

When you travel down any street here in Cedar Grove NJ you’ll notice a recurring theme on those homes that have asphalt shingles. Black Streaks. Stretching down from the center or spine of the roof, these streaks not only look bad but they represent a real problem and threat to your home and your wallet. But you don’t have to live with black streaks. At, Softwash Ranger, we have made it our mission to eliminate black streaks from your roof is the safest and most efficient way possible. But you might be wondering, what are these streaks and why is it so important to get rid of them?

Why You Should Eliminate Black Streaks

The black streaks that you see on your roof didn’t start off as streaks at all. Most likely it started as a small circular patch, a slight discoloration from the normal color of your shingles. It’s easy to miss once it begins, but the black patch is an indicator that a predatory bacteria, Gloeocapsa Magma, has taken up residence on your roof, and it’s hungry. This bacteria feeds on the filler material that is found in the majority of asphalt shingles today. So not only do these black streaks decrease the curb appeal of your home, they are literally eating away at your shingles which will lead to decreased roof efficiency, higher energy costs and, if left unchecked, expensive roof repairs or replacement.

The Safe Way To Get Rid Of Black Streaks On Your Roof

While your shingles do a great job of protecting your home and its contents from rain and the elements, they don’t stand up to high pressure very well at all. So attempting to eliminate these black streaks from your roof using traditional pressure washing techniques will only lead to severe shingle damage that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. At Softwash Ranger we have been using a technique known as soft washing to clean roofs all over Ceder Grove and Northern New Jersey. Our professionally roof cleaning technicians utilize our specially formulated cleaners (applied at very low pressure) to kill the bacteria that cause black streaks and eliminate the staining from your roof. Our soft wash roof cleaning service also removes moss, lichens, algae, and dirt at the same time. After our roof cleaning service customers often remark that they didn’t realize how dirty their roof was until they saw it clean again!

Your Roof Cleaning Experts In Cedar Grove NJ

As our name implies, soft washing is what we do here at Softwash Ranger, and no one does it better! We have been cleaning roofs and removing black streaks for over half a decade and are proud to be your local trusted experts in roof cleaning and power washing. We invite you to check out our 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook.

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