Pressure Washing Tips: How to Make Sure a Home is Ready for Holiday Decorations

Are you one of the many Wayne, NJ residents who enjoy decking out your home in lights and decorations during the holiday season? If so, you should consider how cleaning the exterior areas of your property will boost your odds of being thoroughly satisfied with your display once it’s all set up.

We at Softwash Ranger can help. Our pressure washing team will ensure your home is ready for the season in the following key ways:

Pressure Washing Advice: Cleaning a Home Before Putting Up Holiday Decorations

Siding Washing

Pressure washing is just one of the services we specialize in. When cleaning siding, we assess whether the material your siding is made of can withstand pressure washing treatment.

Very often, it makes more sense to use a soft wash approach. This method allows us to thoroughly clean your siding without causing any damage.

Consider scheduling this service before starting to decorate your property. After all, once your decorations are up, it’s highly likely people walking through the neighborhood will take the time to admire them. How clean your siding is (or isn’t) may play a major role in determining the impression they get.

Roof Washing

Your roof is another surface that can add to or detract from your home’s overall curb appeal once the decorations are up. Washing it is also another task that’s best left to the professionals. Like siding, most typical roofing shingles aren’t durable enough for power washing. You need to clean your roof with help from experts who offer soft wash roof washing.

Although it might be too early in the season for this to be a concern yet, while we’re washing your roof, we’ll also have the opportunity to check for (and, if we find them, remove) any ice dams that may have formed. If an ice dam was left unaddressed, it could prevent snowmelt from melting away from your home, putting it at risk of sustaining water damage or mold growth. Guard against these potentially expensive issues by hiring us to check your roof for any problem signs before winter’s in full swing.

Pressure Washing

While pressure washing may not be the ideal method for cleaning your roof or siding, it could be the ideal means for cleaning your fencing, patio, and sidewalk areas. Cleaning these areas along with your roof and siding will ensure every corner of your property is clean enough to enhance the effects of a holiday display.

Pressure washing certain hard surfaces now can also make cleaning them much easier than it would otherwise be if you waited. Debris is much more difficult to remove from hard surfaces if snow compacts it over the course of a season. Clean those surfaces before winter starts, and this will be much less of a concern.

Holiday Light Installation

These are just a few ways we can help you get your property ready before you start actually decorating it. However, maybe you’re too busy to decorate your home yourself. Or, maybe you have an idea for how you want your property to be decorated, but you’re not sure you have the experience or tools necessary to turn your vision into a reality.

We don’t want any of our Wayne, NJ neighbors to miss out on the fun of decorating their homes for the holidays simply because of limiting factors like these. That’s why we also offer holiday light installation services, helping you transform your home into a winter wonderland.

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Little considerations such as these are among the many reasons our pressure washing company has cultivated a positive reputation throughout the area over the years. To learn more about what Softwash Ranger can do for you, call us today at 844-438-7638.

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