Power Washing in Northern NJ: What Surfaces Can I Power Wash?

At Softwash Ranger, as our name implies, we often turn to the soft washing method when cleaning a home’s siding or roofing. Many types of siding and roofing simply aren’t durable enough for any other methods.

However, when a surface is durable enough to withstand greater force, we also offer power washing for Northern NJ homeowners and business owners. 

If you live or own a business in the area, you may wonder which surfaces power washing is right for. The following are a few common examples. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it covers many of the surfaces a typical homeowner might be able to power wash without causing unexpected damage.

Northern NJ’s Power Washing Pros Explain Which Surfaces Can Be Power Washed

Sidewalks & Driveways

Most cement or concrete surfaces can be power washed. In fact, this method is often an ideal means of cleaning these surfaces.

Over time, debris that accumulates on cement and concrete surfaces tends to essentially become embedded in them. Thus, simply running a hose over the debris may not remove it. Instead, you need to apply more force.

Keep in mind that, if you own a home in Northern NJ, research shows that keeping your property clean will have a positive impact on your mood. If you own a business, maintaining a clean property will help you make the right impression on potential customers.

Patio & Pool Areas

Sidewalks and driveways aren’t the only hard surfaces you may power wash on your property. If you have a concrete patio or pool area, you should also regularly contact Northern NJ’s power washing experts to have it cleaned.

That’s an important point. Only occasionally power washing the various surfaces listed in this article isn’t sufficient to maximize their lifespan. By scheduling power washing routinely, you’ll do yourself a major financial favor, keeping your home’s surfaces in the best possible shape for as long as possible.


Depending on the material a fence is made of, in many instances, a fence can be power washed. 

Don’t worry if you’re not sure whether your fence can stand up to power washing. Our experts can evaluate its strength and determine the best method for cleaning it.


Although a wood deck may be a gorgeous feature, it can also get very dirty over time. Restore your wood deck to its former glory by scheduling power washing service.

Naturally, you may be tempted to handle power washing your property on your own. While this is understandable, you’re better off hiring professionals for the job. If you don’t have the proper training, you could accidentally damage your home or cause injury to yourself or others by misusing the equipment. Additionally, when you’re not using your power washer, you’ll need to find a place to store it.

Instead, get in touch with our team at Softwash Ranger, offering power washing service throughout Northern NJ. Whether you own a home, business, or both, we’ll make sure your property impresses. Call us today at 844-438-7638 to learn more.

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