Ice Dam Removal in Northern New Jersey: What You Need to Know

Your gutters are easy to overlook. However, they play an essential role in protecting your home. By diverting water away from the house, they guard against what could otherwise be very expensive damage.

Unfortunately, anyone who lives in northern New Jersey knows that winters often get very cold here. This can result in ice dams preventing gutters from serving their purpose.

All northern New Jersey homeowners should understand what ice dams are. They should also trust local experts to remove them. Thankfully, ice dam removal is yet another one of the many services that we at Softwash Ranger provide.

Northern New Jersey’s Ice Dam Removal Experts Explain Key Points

By the name alone, you may be able to easily determine what an ice dam is. It’s simply a barrier of ice that typically develops at the edge of a roof. In ideal conditions, when snow accumulates on your roof, it melts and flows into your gutters, which direct it away from the home. When an ice dam forms, it blocks the melting snow, preventing it from flowing away. This makes your roof vulnerable to potential water damage. If the water leaks further into your home, other areas of the house may sustain damage as well.

This isn’t a minor issue. Addressing water damage alone can already be very expensive. The problem is, when water accumulates in areas of your home, mold may develop in those moist environments. Its presence will make anyone exposed to it uncomfortable. It could also trigger severe reactions in anyone who is allergic to mold. You’ll need to have it removed if it develops. This is yet another major expense.

It’s also an expense you can avoid fairly easily. You simply need to ensure you prioritize ice dam removal in the winter. That said, ice dam removal is not a task you should handle on your own.

There are many reasons this is the case. Staying safe is one of them. Quite simply, trying to remove ice from your roof puts you at risk of injuring yourself if you don’t have the proper experience and equipment. Even if you regularly climb your ladder to perform basic roof maintenance throughout the year, you’ll find it’s much more difficult to perform otherwise simple tasks on a ladder when you’re bundled up in winter clothes.

Trusting professionals to handle your ice dam removal needs will also reduce your chances of accidentally damaging your roofing. If you don’t have the proper equipment for the job, you might try to chip away at the ice to loosen it up. Use too much force just once, and there’s a good chance you’ll break through the ice, damaging your shingles as a result. That would, of course, lead to one more bill you didn’t budget for.

Your Local Experts

It’s also not something you need to worry about when you hire Softwash Ranger for ice dam removal service. We have the training necessary to perform this work safely. Additionally, we employ a unique method to remove ice dams without damaging your roof. We apply steam directly to the ice dams, causing them to melt. This is an effective method that’s also much smarter than trying to remove ice dams by chipping away at them.

You won’t easily find a company that offers this type of ice dam removal service. Softwash Ranger is in fact the only business in northern New Jersey that uses steaming to melt ice dams.

It’s also a local, family-owned business. As our testimonials prove, we treat our customers like neighbors. That’s why we’re the ones to contact when you need ice dam removal. To schedule service, call us today at 844-438-7638.

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