Cedar Roof Cleaning Restoration

Cedar roof cleaning Softwash rangerOne of the most important tasks you can take care of for your home is cedar roof cleaning restoration. Few things do as much for a home as cedar roofing. But without proper maintenance and restoration it can be left to rot. Then you are looking at expensive repairs or even replacement.

If a brand new cedar roof isn’t in your budget then this will mean a roof replacement made of something inferior to cedar. At Softwash Ranger our goal is to help you restore your original cedar roofing. Our family owned and operated team knows what really goes into caring for this delicate but beautiful type of roofing.

Restoration Cleaning VS. Maintenance Cleaning

What most homeowners ask about is what is the difference between maintenance cleaning and restoration cleaning. Maintenance cleaning is a regularly scheduled service that helps prevent the buildup of dirt and debris that can eventually cause harm to your roof.

Part of maintenance should also be an inspection. During this time a pro can evaluate the condition of your roof and diagnose any potential problems. All of this helps keep the roofing in tip top shape and prevent replacement.

If the roof has gone neglected then this leads to the buildup of bacteria, mildew, soil, dust, algae, bug nests and other potentially harmful debris. If neglected too long the best way to treat it is with a restoration cleaning which will attempt to bring it back to its original condition. Keep in mind you may still need repairs but once restored regular servicing can keep it in prime condition. When it comes to cedar roof cleaning restoration this is a job that should be left to the pros at Softwash Ranger.

Cedar Roof Preservation

Once your roof has been cleaned, inspected and repaired it should dry completely before wood preservatives are added, when applicable. The great news is that once your roofing has undergone this type of transformation it should give you plenty of years of successful performance.

There are plenty of outside elements that impact the condition of your roof. Storms, tree branches, insects, animals, ice, snow, summer heat and so many other factors. In order to get years of great service from your roof it is important to keep it cleaned up. You should also have your roof inspected annually and following any severe storms.
When it comes to all things related to professional cleaning, the name to trust is Softwash Ranger. Contact us today so we can get started on your Cedar Roof Cleaning Restoration project. This could be the difference between preservation and replacement.


If you are looking for Cedar Roof Cleaning and Restoration in New Jersey, call Soft Wash Ranger at 844-438-7638 or fill out our online request form.

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