5 Common Roof Cleaning Mistakes Made By Inexperienced Cleaners

North New Jersey Roof CleaningWhen you call in a cleaning company, you always expect them to be knowledgeable and experienced in the field they are doing business in. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. When jobs become harder to find, you will often find inexperienced workers and contractors trying to branch out into fields in which they have little to no experience. For some work, this can be a minor inconvenience at worst, but for some, like roof cleaning, this can be dangerous for both you and your home. There are, however, several signs you can be on the lookout for to identify an inexperienced roof cleaner.

Power Washing With Non-Customized Equipment

Most competent roof cleaners will generally tell you straight out that power washing isn’t something you should have done to your roof. In some rare cases, however, we come across roofs that require some form of North New Jersey power washing. However, even in these cases, an over-the-counter power washer isn’t going to be the right solution. These types of roofs require a power washer, but one that operates at a much lower psi with a higher water volume than a standard store bought power washer is going to provide. In most cases, a standard power washer is going to strip your roof surface along with any debris or buildup.

Use Of Toxic Or Improper Treatments

This is unfortunately one of the most common issues we see after being hired to perform a cleaning that a sub-par company has already botched. The wrong chemicals can stain your roof, giving it a rusty color, and some can even eat away at your roof surface, compromising its integrity. Furthermore, some substances will leave a sticky residue that acts more like glue for tree debris. Different types of moss, algae, and fungus require their own special treatment methods to remove them, and many inexperienced roof cleaners don’t understand this.

Being Too Aggressive With Your Cleaning

Even if a company has all the right tools and knows all the proper treatments for your roof cleaning, if these methods are employed too aggressively, they are still going to quickly cause damage. A common assumption is that there is no such thing as over cleaning. Other times this can just be a driving desire to make sure that last little bit of algae is gone, but either way, the damage that results is the same. Professional companies know that the best cleaning will require mechanical cleaning for the bulk, and small treatments for the stubborn areas.

Not Being Aggressive Enough

On the other side of the coin, some companies can be too timid in their cleaning out of fear of causing damage. While this is considerate, it fails to properly address the reason for you seeking a cleaning service to begin with. This can allow problems to build up over time when all they would have needed to take care of them was a proper cleaning in the beginning.

Using The Same Method For All Roofs

Not all roofs are made same so it would make sense to assume that different roofs would require different cleaning methods. Inexperienced companies may not understand these differences, or just may not be able to afford the specialized equipment needed, but whatever the reason, the task isn’t being performed correctly. It is important to make sure the company you hire have the right tools for the job and the knowledge of how to properly utilize them.

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