Why Does Your Roof Need Soft Washing Before Winter?

Home maintenance involves more than simply addressing your home’s needs as they arise. You’ll be much more likely to optimize your home’s condition if you take steps to prepare for the upcoming season.

This is particularly important to do before winter arrives. Because winters in New Jersey can be brutal, and because they make it difficult to stay on top of certain upkeep tasks due to low temperatures and harsh weather, you need to get your house ready for the season accordingly.

This should involve scheduling soft washing service for your roof. Our team at Softwash Ranger, serving the Cedar Grove, NJ area, will help you ensure your roof stays in great shape this winter.

Why is washing your roof important this time of year? The following points will clarify the issue.

Soft Washing – Prepare Your Roof For The Winter Ahead

Anyone who lives in the NJ area knows that winters around here are often quite snowy. Add to that the potential for ice, and it makes sense that you won’t be performing any roof maintenance this season. Snow will likely prevent you from accessing your roof in the first place. Even if it is accessible, ice could put you at risk of injury.

That means for a few months, you’ll have no opportunities to clean your roof. That’s a problem if you’ve noticed any black streaks on your shingles. Those black streaks aren’t just ugly. They’re signs of Gloeocapsa magma, also known as roof algae.

Roof algae is an organism that frequently develops in shingles. Those black streaks are a tell-tale sign of its presence. The problem is, roof algae does more than simply make your roof unattractive. It also draws to it other organisms that eventually begin to eat away at your shingles. The more time it has to fester, the greater the odds it will cause damage.

This is not a problem you want to have, for very obvious reasons. The consequences of failing shingles can be very wide-ranging. If water leaks into your home (which is particularly likely to happen if your shingles break down during winter), you’ll have water damage issues to deal with. No one wants to incur that bill when they could have easily prevented the damage from occurring in the first place.

It’s also worth noting that water leaks may promote mold growth. That’s because mold is known to thrive in moist environments. The result? Another bill to pay for. If you try to ignore the problem, you’ll be very uncomfortable in your own home, and may even put anyone allergic to mold at risk.

Soft Washing Keep More Heat In Your Home This Winter

Of course, your roof also insulates your home. This is yet another reason to schedule our soft washing service for your roof before winter strikes. Poor insulation during the colder months of the year will lead to high energy bills, as you’ll have to run your heating equipment more often to keep warm.

Perhaps most importantly, if this bacteria is allowed to fester over the course of the winter, the damage it causes can be so substantial that you’ll have to replace your roof (or at the very least schedule repair work) earlier than you expected to. Again, this is the kind of major expense no homeowner wants to deal with.

It’s also not something you have to deal with. Simply get in touch with Softwash Ranger, in Cedar Grove, NJ, to learn about scheduling soft wash roof washing this season. Our soft wash method ensures a thorough clean without putting your roof at risk of damage. For more information, call us today at 844-438-7638.

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