Spring Time Is The Right Time For Roof Cleaning

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As the winter doldrums start to dissolve into April showers most homeowners here in the Cedar Grove, NJ area are starting to plan that annual event that signals the arrival of warmer times – Spring Cleaning. As you map out the thorough washing of your property Softwash Ranger wants to remind you that now is a great time to consider having professional roof cleaning performed. Why? Well there here are just a couple of reasons:

Spring Time Roof Cleaning Reason #1 – Uninvited Guests

The several-week transition between winter and spring here in Cedar Grove is one typically marked by steadily rising temperatures but a fair amount of cloud cover. So as the moderate temperatures melt the snow and ice on your roof, the resulting moisture doesn’t evaporate. This wet environment is the perfect growing spot for a bacteria spore called Gloeocapsa magma. Carried in the air, Gloeocapsa magma is all too happy to call your roof home. Why? Besides the protected, moist environment, modern roof shingles typically have limestone as a filler material. As you may have guessed, limestone is a favorite food for these invaders. As they settle in they do what bacteria do which is reproduce….in large numbers. In no time at all the appearance of your once vibrant roof will start to dull and darken.

Spring Time Roof Cleaning Reason #2 – Higher Energy Bill

This darkening of your roof signals that the bacteria have grown in numbers sufficient enough to start to link together as colonies. At first you’ll notice small dark patches that start to grow in size. Eventually, these colonies start to form long black streaks from the spine of your roof down towards the drip edge. If left unchecked your entire roof will become engulfed this black blanket. Because of this covering, as the warmer months roll in you’ll notice that your energy bill is significantly higher than normal. The reason is that the dark coloration of these bacteria absorbing the heat of the sun and warming the air in your attic. So not only is the curb appeal of your home damage, the efficiency of your shingles and roof is compromised! Which leads us to the next reason to have roof cleaning performed on your Cedar Grove, NJ home in the spring…

Spring Time Roof Cleaning Reason #3 – Preserve Your Roof & Your Wallet

Once you are able to see the visible evidence of these unwanted guests on your roof (the black streaks) you should be aware of one thing….they have been eating away at your shingles for a while already. As they spread over your roof and eat more and more of the limestone they weaken the ability of your shingles to keep the elements out and your underlying roof structure dry. Eventually, your roof could fail as moisture is allowed to seep in the gaps created by the voracious bacteria leading to a very expensive roof replacement.

Your Cedar Grove Roof Cleaning Experts

For over half a decade Softwash Ranger has been helping homeowners in the Cedar Grove, NJ area preserve and extend the life of their roof with our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning service. Using our biodegradable, non-hazardous cleaners we can remove 100% of the mold, mildew, and bacteria on your roof without the use of high pressure! Not only will black stains and streaks be a thing of the past but the bright vibrant appearance of your roof will be restored once again! So as you watch the snow and ice melt away make sure that this years spring cleaning list includes your roof and kick out these invaders before they set in!

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