Soft Washing versus Pressure Washing: Which Method is Better for Exterior Cleaning?

Keeping the exterior of your home or business clean is essential for maintaining its aesthetic appeal and preventing damage from dirt, mold, and pollutants. However, with so many cleaning methods to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which one is best suited for your property.

Two of the most popular exterior cleaning methods are soft washing and pressure washing. While both have their advantages, there are several key differences between the two methods that homeowners and business owners should consider before making a decision.

In this blog post, we will explore the differences between soft washing and pressure washing and help you determine which method is better for your cleaning needs.

Pressure Washing:

Pressure washing uses a high-pressure water stream to blast away dirt, mold, and pollutants from hard exterior surfaces. This method has been traditionally used for surfaces like concrete sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. The idea is that by blasting small amounts of water at very high pressures, dirt and debris can be dislodged and removed from the surface being cleaned. The issue with pressure washing is that the high P.S.I. also erodes surface layers, even permanently etching even the most solid of surfaces like concrete and brick. Damage of this sort can start in the thousands of dollars to fix. The high pressure also makes pressure washing inappropriate for other surfaces like roofs, siding, and delicate landscaping.

Soft Washing

Soft washing takes the opposite approach. In lieu of high pressure our soft washing experts utilize a low-pressure water stream combined with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to break down dirt and organic growth on hard exterior surfaces. Then we simply use a low pressure water rinse (roughly the equivalent of your garden hose) to wash away the dislodged dirt, mold, and mildew. This method is far gentler on surfaces and is far more effective at removing stubborn stains and pollutants without risking damage. Soft washing is perfect for cleaning every area of your home, including roofs, siding, and decks.

Soft Washing versus Pressure Washing: Best Method for Your Property

When considering which method is best for your property, soft washing is hands down the better choice. It is the only exterior cleaning solution that is safe for every surface on your property. While tradition still has many so called professional pressure washing companies opting for high pressure techniques, why would you risk thousands of dollars of damage when you can get the same level of clean or better without ANY of the risk?

Softwash Ranger – Your Soft Wash Specialist

Cleaning the exterior of your home or business is crucial for maintaining its aesthetic appeal and preventing damage from dirt and pollutants. At Softwash Ranger, we specialize in soft washing techniques and can help keep your exterior surfaces looking clean and new while avoiding unnecessary damage that may arise from traditional pressure washing. Our trained technicians are experts in the field, and we take pride in our 400+ 5-star reviews, which attest to our commitment to providing superior cleaning results.
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