Sanitizing Your Property During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has already served as a strong reminder that sanitation and reducing exposure to germs is something we should all prioritize. This doesn’t simply mean washing your hands regularly and staying away from people you know are sick. If you own a home, business, or both, you also need to make sure all exterior surfaces are thoroughly sanitized as well. At Softwash Ranger, we provide professional sanitizing and disinfecting services to homeowners and businesses throughout Northern New Jersey.

Our team of certified (click here for proof!) experts only uses the methods prescribed by the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) to clean and sanitize the hard surfaces on your property. If reducing germs and improving the sanitization of your property if on your mind then we can help.

The Importance of Professional Sanitization During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Staying Healthy

Sanitizing or sterilizing your exterior surfaces removes germs from them. This is crucial during a pandemic. According to the CDC, although most people contract Covid-19 through contact with others who already have the virus, it appears people can also develop the illness by touching surfaces where the virus may be.

Don’t run the risk of allowing yourself to get sick because you didn’t realize that germs are present on one of your exterior surfaces. Reduce the risk by hiring our experts to thoroughly disinfect them.

Stopping the Spread

You aren’t the only person whose health you need to consider. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, you also need to consider the possibility that others could get sick if they’re exposed to a surface with germs on it.

Along with reminding us that washing our hands is important, the coronavirus pandemic has also reminded us that everyone needs to do their part to protect the health of the general population. As a member of the Northern New Jersey community, one step you can take is making sure your exterior surfaces have been professionally sanitized.

Looking Beyond The Pandemic

When our experts sanitize your property the benefits are numerous. Our exterior cleaning and pressure washing doesn’t merely remove germs. We’ll also make your property look cleaner.

That’s particularly important to keep in mind if you’re a business owner. These days, people are understandably avoiding businesses that look dirty, that are covered in grime. To continue attracting customers in this environment and in the future, you need to make sure your property doesn’t give off the wrong impression.

Just be sure to hire our experts who thoroughly understand proper sanitization

Key Reasons to Disinfect Your Property with Professional Help

Ensuring Quality Results

The fact that a property looks clean doesn’t necessarily mean it is clean. If you attempt to sterilize your exterior surfaces without the right tools and experience, you may think you cleaned it more thoroughly than you actually did. To ensure your property is as clean as it should be, hire experts who know how to deliver the results you need.

Avoiding the Virus

Proper training in sanitization methods doesn’t just ensure someone knows how to sanitize your property effectively. It also ensures they know how to stay safe when doing so. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the necessary equipment, training, and experience, you run the risk of exposing yourself to the virus if you try to disinfect your own exterior surfaces.

Peace of Mind

The Covid-19 pandemic has understandably caused many to struggle with anxiety. We understand why you might have many concerns during this difficult time. The last thing you need right now is to worry about whether your property is truly clean, whether any other germs are crawling all over your property. Our sanitization & disinfection services can help!

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