House Washing Service 101: What’s the Best Way to Clean My Home’s Exterior?

If you live in Bloomfield, New Jersey, like many area residents, you likely take pride in your home’s appearance. However, wanting a home and property to look its best isn’t the same as actually knowing how to keep it looking good throughout the year.

For example, you might not be sure what the best way to clean your home’s exterior may be. Don’t worry if this is the case. Our team at Softwash Ranger, offering house washing service to homeowners in and around Bloomfield, NJ, will be happy to share their expertise. Keep reading to learn more.

House Washing Service Pros Explain the Best Way to Clean Your Home’s Exterior

What Are My DIY Options?

Many homeowners assume they can clean their home’s siding (and similar exterior surfaces, such as their roofing) simply by power or pressure washing it. Don’t make this mistake!

Most common types of house siding aren’t durable enough for that kind of treatment. If you try to pressure wash your siding, there’s a good chance you’ll actually damage it, resulting in the need for potentially costly repairs.

A house’s siding typically requires gentler treatment. Some experts thus recommend using basic household cleaners, such as Windex and Lysol, to remove stains and dirt.

This can be effective to a degree. However, there are limitations to this cleaning method. First of all, cleaning an entire house this way can be very time-consuming and labor intensive. It can also be dangerous if you need to use a ladder to reach certain parts of your home.

Additionally, basic household cleaners may fail to remove contaminants, mildew, and debris that can be deeply embedded in your siding. Thus, they don’t deliver optimal results.

The Benefits of Professional House Washing Service

To ensure your home’s exterior surfaces are as clean as possible, it’s best to hire a reputable local company offering house washing service. The benefits of doing so are substantial.

For instance, as our name implies, we at Softwash Ranger use the soft wash method when cleaning siding. We apply mild, eco-friendly detergents that are designed specifically to remove the contaminants that accumulate on a home’s exterior over time. Then, we gently rinse the detergent off with water. This results in a thoroughly clean home without the risk of damage. Along with cleaning your siding this way, we can also clean your roofing with the soft wash approach.

Hiring pros who offer house washing service instead of trying to handle this task yourself is also beneficial from a financial perspective. Again, you won’t have to worry about damaging your home and incurring repair bills when you hire experts. You’ll also optimize your home’s value by keeping it truly clean instead of simply removing obvious stains and dirt with household cleaners.

To learn more about the benefits of hiring trusted professionals, contact our team at Softwash Ranger, offering house washing service in and around Bloomfield, NJ. We’d be happy to discuss our services in greater detail. Call us today at 844-438-7638 to get started!

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